The surprising results obtained in clinical acupuncture over 47 years, during which they were treated almost four million patients in Sri Lanka , under the guidance of the late Dr. Anton Jayasuriya , are the basis of this work, reference initiated and professionals in the field . Its author , Professor David Lujan, worked side by side with the great teacher who was Jayasuriya to , gradually , be developing his own method , which he called Natural acupuncture.

This is a quick method results , and especially final and healer in most cases to be oriented primarily to the origin of the pathology. Due to its characteristics , it is extremely simple to learn and apply. The ECAN school continues to offer courses and treatments to patients in countries like India , Nepal , Sri Lanka , Chile and Spain .

Main features include:

- The arts teacher : acts that share all the great teachers in different disciplines curative health .

- The concept of disease : the view of the disease as symptom - voice - of our subconscious is recovered.

- Subliminal : precise definition of each organ , both natural science as their psychological or spiritual side , his character, functions and desires. Clearly defined in this book 12 subconscious.

- Rename points : to facilitate the work of professionals have renamed all the acupuncture points based on each specific physiological and psychological role .

- Pulsología : it comes with depth and detail the art of diagnosis through the pulse.

-Diagnosis and treatment through respiration : a novel breath analysis and its relation to each internal organ that helps tremendously in the diagnosis and treatment consultation is offered

- Atlas of location : the book is also an atlas to locate points , which also tells you how you have to treat every point needle to sedate or Tonifi car ( momentum , direction , action, manipulation) .

- Handbook : provides a large number of general and specific treatments for individual imbalances.- Other developments : the precise use of the treatment of the pericardium, re- education of the subconscious behavior through the extraordinary vessels and the so-called treatment , removal of a trauma.


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